I have been doing business with Philip for more than 10 years. He has helped with many process improvements over the years. He possesses really good technical ability. Since opening CamoCut Tooling Systems he has continued the great service that I have always received from him. I’ll give you one example. We had a problem with cycle times and tool life on some duplex stainless-steel forged blocks. He replaced our Iscar high feed and improved tool life and cycle times. A couple of months later he brought a Palbit high feed cutter with a new PHH930 grade of inserts. We saw significant improvement again in tool life and cycle time. I appreciated his willingness to replace business he already had with a better product.

---Ray- Shop Owner

I have been doing business with Philip for more than 8yrs. When he started his company, CamoCut Tooling Systems a few years ago he came to me to test some of his tools. I have been particularly pleased with Palbit high feed milling tools. They are very free cutting and I have been able to double my production using these cutters. They are now my go-to cutter on any heavy metal removal application. I get great service from CamoCut and they handle their business with integrity.

---Sammy- General Manager

Philip at Camocut Tooling System has been helping me with my tooling solutions for many years. They are the only company that I found that I can send my part blueprint to and he will look at it and specify what he considers to be the best tools to process the part. He has saved us a lot of processing time and money over the years.

---Terry- CNC Programmer

I started doing business with Philip and CamoCut Tooling Systems about 4 months ago. I tested his CamoCut brand of inserts on my 4140-4130 applications as well as his stainless-steel grade on an 825 Inconel job. The inserts perform very well and I get them for a great price. They offer great service in a very professional manner. I will continue to use this company and recommend them to you also.

---Keith-Shop Owner

I have done business with Philip for almost 20 years. We have worked with him at CamoCut Tooling since he started the company 3 ½ years ago. They offer us great service in a professional manner. We get treated fairly on our pricing. Philip is great at helping us improve our processes with offering us the latest technology he comes across. I definitely recommend CamoCut.

---Jeff- Shop Superintendent

We have been using CamoCut Tooling Systems for most of our tooling needs since Philip started the company almost 4 years ago. Including his service at another company we have used him for more than 20 years. He has always been diligent about helping us improve our processes with the newest technology. One recent example, he introduced us to Walter’s new TC117 Series of taps. We had used Emuge taps for 30 years. We were able to increase of SFM from 15 sfm to 40 sfm and achieve better hole quality. I’m sure if you give them a try you will be happy with the service you get.

---Brett-Shop Owner

Philip from CamoCut Tooling Systems came into my shop to talk to me about our tooling. I showed him a job that we had coming up. This job was a huge 50,000 pound forging that we needed to remove 30, 000 pounds of metal from. He recommended that I replace my Iscar high feed milling cutter with his Palbit brand high feed milling cutter. We were able to cut more than 40% cycle time from the job actually cutting several days from our manufacturing time. Needless to say, we are very happy and are implementing these tools on other jobs. We have also started using CamoCut for other tooling needs and would recommend them as a supplier.

---Guy-CNC Programmer

We started using Philip for our tooling needs over 20 years ago. As soon as he started CamoCut Tooling Systems we followed him with our business. Camocut always works hard to find what we need. They have helped us improve many of our machining processes. You will definitely be pleased with them.

---Rod-Tooling Supervisor